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Our news channels and news feeds always try to keep us updated about the weather changes and about the climatic changes which says we are having alot of problems are emerging in this technical world because of de-forestation and is why we as a milengule generation and Genz culture people are moving towards the A-forestation or plantation so that we can save ourselves. But we don’t want to do this all on the cost of giving a lot of land for gardening too and that’s why the concept of indoor plantation is hitting the market so much nowadays and to fulfill all the needs of these people we are providing you with a solution which also comes up with a lot of joy and with a lot of positivity.  


We Lucky Leafy believe in spreading good warmth and good look altogether and for that we are trying to take your all hazel of going to a nursery, doing a lot research about plant, making it get fix in a week and then taking it home instead of all that we are doing this all for you and giving you our Lucky Leafy plant. This is a bamboo plant which is a perfect match of indoor as well as outdoor plant and as our name says lucky leafy plant so it does the same. If we see it from astrology perspective then the bamboo plant is considered as good set up for new startups, new ventures, new homes, offices and any new place. These indoor and outdoor plants make sure that it requires less of your attention and give you all the good vibes. In today’s lifestyle we as the technology developing people and as thinking of those people who are changing the life’s of people and make changes in the society and that’s why we are always busy in our work so you have to not worry about the plant too at this point of time Because it requires very less attention from you.  


We, at Lucky Leaf try to give you the best plant which automatically add the good look and good vibes at the same time to your living space. This indoor plant comes in a good walk too which makes it look stylish and remarkable at the same time. With our Indoor plants as well as Outdoor plants we make sure we handpicked them for you after which we also give them good gardening and good care so that when it gets delivered to you and you can feel the real aroma of the garden at your place. We make sure to provide you with all this happiness in your total comfort zone as well. With us, you can bring this positivism while placing an online order because we provide you with the best warmth at your doorstep. This world is going around placing online orders and that’s why Lucky leafy want to become your gardening guide by giving you lucky live plant by placing an order online and getting the best vibes. 




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