3 layer bamboo with buddha

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Three Layer Lucky Bamboo in Glass Bowl and Jelly Balls with the pair of decorative Buddha will make a special look to your house indoor. The pair of Buddha will be in random color and style as per availability.Random style means Buddha miniature can be anything like See no evil, Do no evil, Hear no evil and Speak no evil. It is originated in southeast Asia . It has been used for 5000 years in practice of Feng Shui. According to Feng Shui, Lucky Bamboo is an auspicious plant which brings abundance of positive energy , Luck, Good health, love and power to its owner hence the name LUCKY BAMBOO .It’s an ideal gift for household, office, New venture or party gifts. It is also very popular gift for relatives, friends, teachers and colleagues. It is gifted on wide range of occasions like Birthday, Weddings and Anniversary .Also on JOB Promotion, Academic luck achievements and awards etc. This plant is thought to bring good luck not only to the receiver but to the giver as well.


Product Description

BUDDHA IN RANDOM COLOR AND STYLE: Lucky Bamboo Three Layer with the pair of Buddha Miniature in Random Color and Style (See no evil, Do no evil,Speak no evil or Hear no evil) will give a special touch to your indoor. This plant is thought to bring good luck and good fortune to the owner. It is chosen as the best gift for new venture,New home, Offices and on any occasion.

CARE INSTRUCTION : It’s a low maintenance plant hence it needs very less supervision .It should be kept indoors and dry places. Avoid to keep it at moist places and direct sunlight. Change the water twice in a week in summer and once in a week in the rest of the season.It is advisable to keep water level 2 cm above the root level. It is live plant so it is natural that its health might deteriorate according to weather conditions so allow the plant to recover it’s best health with love and care

PLANT HEIGHT : Upto 9 Inches II POT COLOR : Transparent II BUDDHA COLOR AND STYLE: Random( as per availability) BUDDHA MINIATURE SIZE : 2.5*1.5 Inches

BUDDHA MINIATURE :Buddha statue is the great significance in Buddhism. It spreads the influence of piece and harmony around anyone’s life.

PACKAGE CONTENT : Lucky Bamboo 3 Layer Live Plant with one unit of Glass Bowl and colored Jelly Balls and 2 Units of Buddha Miniature in random color and style


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